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1BTCXE is an open-source Crypto currency exchange created with the goal of making Crypto currency trading easier and more reliable.

We proudly share all our code as the core developers of the first open-source, white label Crypto currency exchange through our open-source project WLOX.io This allows for constant community-driven improvement in order to answer the needs of our users, tighten security and provide features that will create a new standard for Crypto currency exchange platforms.

We strive to provide our users with an exchange platform environment that is both safe and secure, as well as fair and ethical. Ensuring a trusted and reliable trading environment is a top priority for 1BTCXE. For this reason, we have instituted circuit-breaker measures to protect average users against excessive volatility and manipulation of the market.

We feature an automated integrated exchange with Crypto Capital's banking platform and support 30 different currencies


Building the New Economy Together

A Direct Exchange where you can buy and sell bitcoin directly. Wallet Services, Merchant Services and More. At Coinapult we are dedicated to creating unique and useful financial tools to benefit the world. Coinapult is inspired by the financial inclusion supported by the Bitcoin technology. Coinapult provides tools designed to simplify Bitcoin with the long-term goal of world-wide adoption.

Chip Chap

Simple e-Money Converter

Chip Chap is a simple app that allows you to convert payments between them. Fast, comfortable and a safe way. Convert Bitcoin into a Virtual Visa Card instantly

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The Global Bitcoin Exchange

1Ex.Trade is a new breed of crypto exchange providing a fair & ethical trading environment to ensure traders move within a secure environment in the crypto market. The state of the art trading engine backed by high-end server on 7GB Fibre link in the UK ensure optimised trading experience to clients.

With a direct link to a Crypto Capital Bank Account, you can transfer within seconds and trades can be set much faster than normal. All Fiat funds are held by Crypto Capital and are not stored on 1Ex.Trade.
1Ex.Trade ensures no more than 1% BTC is stored in hot wallets and other funds are stored in secure offsite storage cold wallets using 4 of 7 sig key + master key to approve payments. .


The global currency exchange that's secure, fast and inexpensive. Welcome to a simple way to buy, sell, trade, or send currency -- any currency -- digital, local, even foreign.

It's easy to get started. Whether you're just learning about bitcoin and the world of digital currency or you're a seasoned trader we want to be your partner and provide you with the tools and the global network you need to get the best trade at the best price.


BitMEX We're a Different Kind of Bitcoin Exchange

BitMEX is a derivatives trading platform built for serious traders, by serious traders. No clawbacks. True hedging. A fluid margining system. Multiple contract types. Industry-leading API access and speed. Welcome to the most complete cryptocurrency derivatives platform, built by finance professionals with over 40 years of trading experience.

charna crypto exchange

Charna Crypto Exchnage

Charna Crypto exchange accepts bitcoins, lite coins, Alt coins and also have 10 of our own crypto currencies for our clients to trade. We have a secure platform which has taken all precautions to protect our users data and bring a safe secure trading environment. Our users can load funds in 2 easy ways, directly through an account with crypto capital, or via coinapult.com .


X coinsoffer bitcoins, litecoins and various other crypto currencies and crypto bonds all on a secure platform. We work with coinapult, crypto capital and soon launching charna wallet.

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