Q: Why Crypto Capital?

A: There is a GAP in the Crypto Currency market where the Digital Currency collides with Fiat Currency! We are here to fill that gap and merge the Legacy Fiat Banking with the New Revolutionary world of Digital Crypto Currencies. By providing each customer with their own private segregated fiat account, Crypto Capital is able to allow Approved Software Exchange Companies the ability to open an account with us, therefore allowing our Customers, Merchants, and Traders the ability to move Fiat Currency, USD, EUR, JPY, etc., in and out instantly - internally within our accounts.

Q: What is Crypto Capital?

A: The Crypto Capital Corporation is a licensed, regulated Financial Institution head-quartered in the heart of the financial district in Panama. Built from the ground up to cater exclusively to the Crypto currency economy.

Q: Is Crypto Capital An Exchange?

A: Crypto Capital is not an Exchange! Crypto Capital provides Fiat (USD, EUR & 28 other currencies) bank accounts to Exchanges, Companies and Individuals, so that they may exchange fiat and crypto currencies among themselves.

Q: What can I do with a Crypto Capital account?

A: By having a verified account with Crypto Capital you will be able to move Fiat in and out instantly to a variety of exchanges that also have an account with Crypto Capital. There is no need to get verified on each exchange as you will already be verified by Crypto Capital.

Q: Can I use a Corporate Crypto Capital Account to manage my everyday business operations?

A: Yes! Your Corporate account with Crypto Capital can be used as a normal Deposit and Withdraw Fiat account to manage your Crypto related business operations just like any other bank account. Pay employees, bills, vendors directly from your Crypto Capital account to any other Crypto Capital customer or to any external bank account worldwide.

Q: What do I need to do to open an account?

A: To open an account with Crypto Capital head over to the Register page of our site.